Our Story

Formed in Taranaki NZ in the mid 90's, Mad Cow has been producing original Rock music for nearly 20 years.

Having come full circle with the return of their original singer in 2012 the band has released a 3rd EP entitled Disturbing the Peace.

They are currently working on a full length album for release in 2018. 
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This is our first EP called See. It has the songs See , Reefer , Pigpen and Mistrusted and features the
Vocals of Hu-mann ( as he liked to be called ) . We recorded and produced the entire disc ourselves using 2 ADATs (Digital 8 track recording  tape machines which use super VHS tape). I even did a diploma in Audio engineering at SAE so we could mix it all ourselves using our home studio we dubbed "Pigpen Studio". It took nearly two years to complete and we used images painted by my father for the front and back covers. Released in 2000.

Our second EP was ten years later, I was living in Melbourne at the time. Drums and Bass flew over to Melbourne from NZ for a weekend recording session at Incubator studio , we recorded 11 drum tracks in one day. In the following months I added guitar tracks and Jess,a singer from another project tried some demo vocals.
The project was being worked on at the same time as my first child being born ( this helped on deciding the cover artwork - it's actually me as a baby ) so Take a Breath was created. Take a Breath, I Won't Break , See Through You and Been Around the World are the four tracks on the EP and it was released in 2010.

Disturbing the Peace is the third EP in our Trilogy haha . When I moved back to NZ in 2013 we started
working with Jon who was our original singer ( even before Hu-mann). We used four of the left over drum tracks from the previous EP and created our rockiest release to date. Another awesome picture of my father's is used on the cover (thanks Dad ).