1. Timebomb

From the recording Mad Cow

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Take Cover
You're a walking time bomb
Like walking on eggshells
with my lead boots on
Hold the fort
till the Cows come home
I hate being alone
Time bomb got me on the run
Time bomb spoiling all my fun
Time bomb gotta make a plan
Time bomb run it past the man
I found out
where the sound came from
it's all gone wrong
little Johhny
got his finger in the dyke
it's gunna blow his mind
Time bomb all run away
Time bomb now it's time to pay
Time bomb didn't think it through
Time bomb now it's not up to you
Times ticking away
it's ticking away Lookout
It's been coming
since the big old Boom
and the longer it takes to get here
well there won''t be any more room here soon
It started with a bang
and it ends in a flash
I hope you had time to spend