1. See

From the album See


I can see a whole lot of trouble
I can see the left and the right
I can see misfortune will double
I can see a warning tonight
You can see yourself in a mirror
You can see your life going by
You can see the truth in the distance
you can see just open your eyes
If I see a premonition I'll warn you
If I see adversity grow
If I see what's happening I'll tell you
If I see a problem you'll know
Now there's a way to see your future
There's a way to see it last
There's a way to see what your going to be
There's a way to see form the past
I can see a looming disaster
I can see there's trouble ahead
I can see that the planet must kill us one day
I can see if she doesn't she's dead!
Hey do you see yourself as a savior
Do you see the kids need you now
Do you see the planet exploding
Do you see man back at the plough?
Should I see a fitting finale
And if I see a path to the end
If I see anything at all that I think you should know
If I see it I'll tell you my friend.